More Festivals for Packed: The Series

We have been piling up a bunch of festival wins – selection, finalist and even a Best in Show. Take a look at the Packed website for details. Congratulations to our fabulous cast and crew.

Our First Festival

The Packed team is THRILLED to announce our official selection in the New York City Aphrodite Film Awards 2021! Our first award for our first series, as semi-finalist in the July-September 2021 edition. Congratulations to our fabulous cast and crew.

Narration Activities Continue

Through the crazy Year of 2020, we have continued our audio book efforts with about 30 new titles. We are a little behind on the samples, though. Check back soon to see progress.

Packed Series Update

OK, so we are real slow on the news front. We wrapped production of Packed the Series in the Spring of 2020 just in time for the whole world to go into lockdown. Our efforts since then have been limited … Read More

Disaster Bait Preview

Take a look at our next Streaming project. Our writers and editors are hard at work bringing this survival epic to life. Meet the Disaster Brothers and get a taste of their upcoming adventures.

Packed: The Series is in Post-Production!

We had a great week of filming in five locations. Fantastic crew and super cast. Post-production is underway and we look forward to a rough cut around New Year’s Day.

Packed:The Series Crowd Funding Campaign Begins!

Storiation Studios is pleased to announce the beginning of our funding campaign at IndieGoGo. Join us to follow our progress. Your contributions will be rewarded! (Drinks with the writers, really?)

Storiation Studios Files for Partnership in California

After a year of planning and scheming, Storiation files for official status as a Limited Liability Company in the State of California. Storiation will include several brands including Packed:The Series, WulfPakApp, Disaster bait and Found My Pack.